4 Jul 2002

Mixed fortunes for members of Morauta Cabinet in PNG poll

3:49 pm on 4 July 2002

In other news from the PNG poll..

A senior Cabinet Minister in the Morauta government, Sir Moi Avei, has established a commanding two thousand vote lead after a partially completed count in the Kairuku-Hiri Open seat.

The Post Courier reports that his colleague, the current Deputy Prime Minister, Michael Ogio, who trails in North Bougainville, is taking court action to ensure that the three remaining ballot boxes there be counted.

There are allegations that the boxes had been tampered with.

Mr Ogio trails James Togel who has taken out an injunction saying the counting should finish and he should be declared the winner.

Meanwhile the Trade and Industry Minister, Tukape Masani, has become the first Cabinet minister to lose his seat in the elections.

Mr Masani lost his Huon Gulf Open seat to National Alliance candidate and conservationist, Sasa Zibe.

Mr Masani finished fourth in the poll.