5 Jul 2002

Call for international aid as FSM counts the dead after cyclone Chataana

10:59 am on 5 July 2002

State officials in the Federated States of Micronesia are appealing for international aid as they count the dead from Typhoon Chataan which struck the island of Chuuk on Tuesday.

The official death toll is 31 but is expected to rise with many people unaccounted for.

The Chuuk Disaster Office says housing and medical care is also needed for the over 1-thousand homeless and the more than 1-hundred injured.

John Sound from the Disaster office says rough seas and torrential rain washed away homes and crops in coastal areas and triggered landslides inland.

He says FSM will formally ask the United States for assistance under their Compact agreement, but they'd welcome other assistance.

"we have been getting calls from outside but no aid has come in so far."

The declaration of an emergency issued by the governor has gone to the government president for review and, after that, the national president will forward the declaration. It is true there is a great need of food, there is great need of clean water and there is need of clothing.

John Sound in FSM