8 Jul 2002

Solomons MP queries police handling of Weather Coast inquiry

4:21 pm on 8 July 2002

A Solomon Islands Opposition MP, Alfred Sasako, says he is concerned at the way Police are investigating the disappearance of 11 people on the Weather Coast nearly a month ago.

There are unconfirmed reports that the group had been massascred after going to the remote part of Guadalcanal to try and capture the Guadacanal Liberation Front leader, Harold Keke.

But Mr Sasako has revealed that a member of the group, a Bougainvillean man, has since returned, and he says the police have allowed the man to return to PNG.

Mr Sasako says the police didn't question the man despite a directive from the prime minister.

He says police used a member of the Honiara City Council to question him and then let him go.

Mr Sasako says he is cannot understand what the police are doing.

"There is a standing warrant for his arrest because of his alleged involvement in a bank robbery in Honiara last year so why the police would not show a keen interest in him is also mind boggling"

East Kwaio MP, Alfred Sasako.

Police three weeks ago said the men were missing.

The Police Commissioner, Morton Sireheti, says they are waiting for a team of detectives to return from the Weather Coast, before they will comment further.