9 Jul 2002

Minister says teachers stirke action illegal

5:13 pm on 9 July 2002

The Minster of Education, Mathias Taro, says strike action by members of the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association or SINTA is illegal.

More than two-thousand teachers affiliated with SINTA have been on strike from this morning, disrupting schools around the country.

But Mr Taro says he had met with the SINTA president, Kendrick Saga, last week and they seemed to agree on a lot of issues.

Teachers are taking strike action due to the delay in their pay.

Mr Taro says the the teachers strike came without any warning.

"Usually before any strike can be put on, by various organisation in the country, they have to give notice to the government, before they can go in to any strike action.It should be informed. I talked with the PM on friday, we have agreed on certain claims, that the government can agree to, and those that are impossible."

Education minister, Mathias Taro.