12 Jul 2002

SPREP launches tool kit for eco-tourism activities

11:15 am on 12 July 2002

A tool kit aimed at helping more Pacific Islanders set up eco-tourism operations has been developed by the South Pacific Regional Environmental Programme, or SPREP.

It is running a conservation conference this week in Rarotonga, with the theme of Mainstreaming Nature Conservation.

SPREP says ecotourism is an effective and popular income generating activity, and the toolkit is an attempt to help more into the industry.

Tamari'i Tutangata, who heads SPREP, says the organisation hopes it will encourage more communities to commit to conservation.

"People really are not interested in conservation for the sake of conservation. They become much more interested in conservation if there is an opportunity for them to also earn income from that conservation activity."

Tamari'i Tutangata