15 Jul 2002

Two more senior government figures lose seats in PNG elections

2:41 pm on 15 July 2002

Papua New Guinea's Foreign Affairs Minister is the latest senior member of the Cabinet to lose his seat in the national elections.

John Waiko lost his seat to a member of Bill Skate's People's National Congress Party.

Another senior government member, Kilroy Genia, has lost his seat to the former Secretary of Health, Puka Temu, of the National Alliance.

Ted Diro has lost out to an independent, Alphonse Moroi.

The latest results show the party of the the Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, the People's Democratic Movement, trailing the Sir Michael Somare's National Alliance by seven seats to thirteen.

Sir Michael and his son, Arthur, the present Governor of east Sepik, were declared winners of their seats at the weekend.