16 Jul 2002

Public servants in Solomon Islands call for change in priorities in government spending

10:51 am on 16 July 2002

Unions representing public servants in Solomon Islands expect to meet the Prime Minister Sir Allen Kemakeza this afternoon(tues) after threatening strike action last week over the Government's continuing failure to pay them on time.

The workers: nurses, paramedics, and general public servants, threatened to strike because the Government had missed two fortnightly pays.

The secretary of the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union, Clement Waiwori, says the threat was withdrawn after the workers got one pay.

But he says they want the Government to change its spending priorities

"The government is paying out cash on other things and it treats the payment of public service officer's salaries as a second priority. So we want the government to do is to give us encouragement that they will put back the payment of salaries on schedule."

Clement Waiwori.

Meanwhile a teachers protest over the same issue has now spread from Guadalcanal to other provinces.