18 Jul 2002

Niue Public Service Commission seeking solution to finance problems

5:22 pm on 18 July 2002

The Niue Public Service Commission says it wants to ensure the pain of government cutbacks is felt evenly through the island.

The country is trying to avoid a financial crisis, and last week put off the tabling of the budget until further savings could be found.

The government is also looking at a possible multi-million dollar scheme involving the sale of its hotels to a Korean consortium.

The cuts in government services are likely to involve cuts in wages or a cut in hours worked or both.

Malua Jackson, who is the chair of the Public Service Commission, says they are working with the government departments to ensure the impact is evenly spread.

"So that everyone should feel the pain rather than only so many of the public service or of the government or of Niue feels the pain. What we are trying to do is that if the pain should be felt it should be felt by everybody, but not too much pain"

Malua Jackson