19 Jul 2002

Bougainville establishes a Constitutional Commission

10:30 am on 19 July 2002

A commission has been set up in Bougainville, to begin work on developing a constitution for the Papua New Guinea Island.

The Provincial Governor, John Momis says the Bougainville Constitutional Commission or BCC's proposed work is in preparation for an autonomous government and assembly.

The BCC will be made up of 24 members comprising three women, an expatriate Bougainvillean, representatives from the Mekamui area, churches, indigenous and religious groups, unions, business, youth and six ex-combatants.

Governor Momis says organisations will have to nominate their representatives and the BCC will have 14 days to submit the names to a transitional consultative council for selection.

He says the appointments will be finalised by the Interim Provincial Executive Council which approved the BCC's establishment and ordered that the Bougainville Administration set aside the necessary funds and resources.