19 Jul 2002

Taiwan re-states nuclear waste policy

11:06 am on 19 July 2002

Taiwan has re-stated that it will never export nuclear waste to the Marshall Islands.

Taiwan's ambassador to the Marshalls, Gary Song-Huann Lin, told the Majuro Chamber of Commerce that he wanted to lay to rest rumours that his government was considering the Marshall Islands as a dump site.

Mr Lin says his country has never intended to dump nuclear waste in any Pacific country.

Earlier this year, the Taiwanese economics minister told people near Taipei that his goverment was in talks with four countries, including Solomon Islands, to store Taiwan's nuclear waste.

But the foreign ministry in Taipei then said the minister had mixed up the countries' names and meant to say the Marshall Islands,

The ministry also said Taiwan would abide by all treaties banning the importation of such waste into the Pacific.