26 Jul 2002

Vanuatu government silent about new police commissioner

11:05 am on 26 July 2002

There is still no official announcement as to who is Vanuatu's new police commissioner.

A spokesperson from the Prime Minister's office, Daniel Bangtor, says a new commissioner has been appointed but he is refusing to reveal the person's name.

The Chair of the Police Services Commission, Michael Taon, said the new Commissioner was to be sworn in on Wednesday.

But Mr Bangtor says no ceremony was held and one is now expected today.

Janey Ligo, who chaired the selection panel set up at the invitation of Mr Taun, said she was not told of any appointment being made.

Ms Ligo said also that she was concerned about rumours that the person chosen for the job was not shortlisted for recommendation by the selection panel.

Mr Bangtor says contrary to rumours, the new commissioner will be one of the four shortlisted candidates.

"I think there has been a mixed reaction from the public, particularly in Port Vila, due to the fact that a naturalised citizen was shortlisted and public reaction didn't go favourably with that. But the person earmarked now was definitely on the shortlist."

Daniel Bangtor