26 Jul 2002

Vanuatu opposition warns of neo-colonialism in

10:59 am on 26 July 2002

Vanuatu's opposition leader, Willie Jimmy, says the New Zealand-funded judicial process which led to last week's jailing of a former prime minister, Barak Sope, is a sign of neo-colonialism.

The opposition has now appealed to the president to pardon Mr Sope next week only days into a three year sentence for forging documents in a 20 million US dollars letter of guarantee scheme.

Mr Jimmy says he objects to foreigners funding foreign experts to try ni-Vanuatu.

"That is our main concern. And I believe that is a threat in future for other leaders, who knows. Mr Sope is the first one, the next one is maybe me or Maxime Carlot or maybe Serge Vohor. We don't know what these people have in their private agenda."

Mr Jimmy says he doesn't want outside interference.