29 Jul 2002

Air Pacific strike enters second week

12:30 pm on 29 July 2002

A strike by employees of Fiji's national airline, Air Pacific, has entered its second week with the strikers reported to be preparing for the long haul.

Another round of talks ended in deadlock last night.

The General Secretary of the Fiji Aviation Workers Association, Attar Singh, says the stubbornness of the airline over negotiations has meant that Air Pacific is losing a substantial amount of money to Qantas.

Air Pacific is reported to be spending more than one point five million US dollars a week in chartering planes from Qantas to fly its passengers to and from Australia .

Meanwhile, the airline took out three full page advertisements in Fiji newspapers at the weekend, accusing the FAWA of what it called lies and shameless manipulation.

Air Pacific's managing director, John Cambell, says the airline has watered down its productivity requirements, but the FAWA has not retreated in any meaningful way from its demands.