29 Jul 2002

Figures show Solomons Government spending out of control

4:11 pm on 29 July 2002

The Solomon Islands Government is under fire for the out of control spending of some departments, while others are being forced to do without.

John Roughan of the Solomon Islands Development Trust says a draft fiscal report shows a department such as the Ministry of Unity, Reconciliation and Peace was up to a thousand percent over its annual budget, while others, such as Health, had underspent.

"it shows that there is gross overspending in four units or four ministries and at least one which has to do with the health of Solomon Islands people grossly underspent maybe not grossly but underspent and in a situation were talking about lives of people"

John Roughan.

A lack of funds in public health in Solomon Islands in the past year has led to a severe shortage of drugs and the inability of hospitals to buy food and properly pay staff.