1 Aug 2002

Fiji government accused of doing favours for election campaign donors

11:35 am on 1 August 2002

There are revelations in Fiji that a Chinese-owned fishing company bought favours from the government after making substantial contributions to the ruling SDL party during last year's general election.

Fiji TV aired documents last night which showed that Win Full Fishing Company received a rebate on fishing licenses with the aid of a supporting letter from the SDL party.

The letter to the finance ministry, signed by the SDL president, Kalokalo Loki, said Win Full Fishing had greatly assisted the party during the election with nearly ten thousand US dollars in cash and kind.

Senior Labour Party MP and deposed fisheries minister, Poseci Bune, says the matter is serious and has called for a full commission of inquiry.

Mr Bune says the taxpayers of Fiji ought to know that the government can be bought by big business.

But the secretary general of the SDL, Josaia Diani, says political contributions and favours in return are normal the world over.