7 Aug 2002

Fiji rejigs ministry budgets

10:50 am on 7 August 2002

The Fiji government is reducing the budgets of several ministries by millions of dollars to pay for shortfalls and over-expenditure by others.

The ministry of agriculture and land resettlement is to lose nearly 3-point-7 million US dollars, some of it meant to resettle displaced farmers.

More money is to come from a budget headed miscellaneous services.

It is being re-allocated to cater for over-expenditure of 690-thousand US dollars during the recent African, Carribbean and Pacific summit in Nadi and 830-thousand dollars for compensation for customary landowners.

As well, there is provision of more than 1-million US dollars for office rent payments, much of it for the Methodist Church's new office building in Suva, and 1-point-2 million dollars for landowners of the Vaturu Dam site in the hinterlands of Nadi.

Additional money will also go to holding cabinet meetings outside Suva, meeting part of the shortfall in the police funding, 230-thousand dollars for celebrations to mark the return of peacekeeping soldiers from Lebanon and 1-point-3 million to the USP.