8 Aug 2002

Fiji police struggle to make ends meet

10:21 am on 8 August 2002

Fiji police officers are facing a 20 per cent pay cut across the board as the force struggles to cope with a budget shortfall.

The Daily Post says the pay cut is one of the options the force is considering to make up for a 1 point 1 million US dollar gap in its budget.

The second option is to make redundant 300 special constables who are already working reduced hours.

Disgruntled police have attacked senior officers saying they knew the state the force was coming to but did nothing about it.

The force needed another 2 point million to maintain operations for the rest of the year but the government has allocated only 1 point 7 million.

This is still being debated in parliament as part of the government's plan to reshuffle funds between ministries.