10 Aug 2002

Niue's Premier hopes for successful Budget vote September 5

9:29 am on 10 August 2002

The Premier of Niue says a controversial budget rejected by the Assembly will be amended and resubmitted on September 5th.

The Budget, which has already been delayed a month, failed at its first reading on Thursday.

Among those to vote against it was Deputy Premier Sani Lakatani, who was subsequently sacked from the Government.

The Premier, Young Vivian, says he is looking forward the vote in a month, by which time four MPs currently overseas will be back.

"I believe that we will relook at the Budget...and we will adjust a few things and then we will present the Budget again....and we will work on the other members also...I have asked the country to request their members to co-operate and let the Budget go through its second reading so that it can go through the committee stage so that they can question, alter things recommend new things.."

Young Vivian.

The Opposition says that Mr Vivian can only rely on three of the overseas MPs which would mean a 10-10 hung vote in the 20 seat Assembly.

Meanwhile the Opposition is seeking a clarification of whether the Budget failure was a vote of no confidence in the Government.

And it says the Government's failure to show at the two subsequent meetings of the Assembly is a deliberate device by Mr Vivian to stymie any attempt to file a no confidence motion.