13 Aug 2002

Fiji lawyer won't say when a petition to release coup leader will be presented

8:11 pm on 13 August 2002

The lawyer in Fiji for coup front man, George Speight, will not set a date for when a petition for his release is to be put to the president.

Kitione Vuataki says several considerations have to be taken into account including the political climate, the support for the petition and all communities wanting reconciliation.

The comments follow Speight's brother and government MP, Samisoni Tikonisau, saying they're renewing efforts to secure his release.

Mr Vuataki says the petition will be presented at the appropriate time.

"Its more or less not a question of support it's probably more of a reconciliatary approach from the other races besides the Fijian ones. There's a lot of support from the Fijian sector but with the other races, some have taken a conciliatary approach, not in that sense supporting him, but it seems for the good of the country, that everybody has to move back together, somewhere along the line."

Kitione Vuataki.