13 Aug 2002

Greenpeace says aid is used to give developed countries access to island nations' resources

8:10 pm on 13 August 2002

Greenpeace has criticised developed countries for using aid to the Pacific as a means of exploiting the natural resources of island nations.

Stephen Campbell from Greenpeace says aid has become a weapon used by donors such as Japan, New Zealand and Australia against Pacific nations which has detrimental effects on the environment and fisheries sectors.

He says New Zealand and Australia fund sustainable development projects while at the same time refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol and Japan, as a substantial donor, transports toxic wastes by nuclear powered ships across the Pacific.

Mr Campbell says Greenpeace has released a Tied Aid report recommending that Pacific Island countries closely scrutinise the type of aid that's offered and its attached conditions.

"In reality, the developing countries have exploited countries like the pacific Island nations and in real terms, the aid money that is coming in should be given without strings attached. The report is outlining that the pacific island countries have a good look at what aid means, and what it comes along with."

Stephen Campbell from Greenpeace