13 Aug 2002

Solomon Islands deputy principal calls for action from government over strike

4:06 pm on 13 August 2002

The deputy principal of one of Solomon Islands biggest schools says the government lacks the political will to resolve the teachers strike.

Christopher Asipara, from King George V1 school in Honiara, says all 32 teachers are continuing to turn up for classes but not for extra-curricular activities.

He says the school has 670 students and morale is low because of the problems.

Mr Asipara says the teachers were paid on Friday but are still owed two months backpay.

"There is a question of survival you see,the teachers are much more concerned about what they will eat and then they are also concerned about their professional duties in disseminating knowledge in the classes too."

Mr Asipara says it's time the government took drastic action.