14 Aug 2002

Solomon Islands opposition says the country needs a new government

10:32 am on 14 August 2002

The leader of the Solomon Islands Opposition says the country needs a new government that has the confidence of the people.

Pattison Oti says the country is sinking by the day.

His comments came as civil aviation workers struck delaying the departure of Prime Minister Sir Allen Kemakeza for the Forum Leaders meeting.

It's still not certain when or if Sir Allen will leave for the meeting

This follows nurses and paramedics partially withdrawing services, a six week work to rule by teachers, the threat of strike action by other public sector workers, and a promise of legal action from Honiara landlords over government rents arrears.

The workers are increasingly angry at the government's continuing failure to pay them on time.

Mr Oti says Sir Allen should have stayed in the country to show some leadership.

He says a new government is needed which can focus the country's limited resources, starting with the health sector.

"See who is the most vulnerable in this particular situation. Obviously the hospital services, the health and medical services. These should be targetted as they are the most helpless, the most vulnerable sector of the community in Solomon Islands."

Solomon Islands Opposition leader, Pattison Oti.