14 Aug 2002

Permanent relocation advocated for PNG volcano victims

6:36 pm on 14 August 2002

The National Disaster Management Office in Papua New Guinea says some of the villages surrounding the Mount Pago volcano should be permanently relocated.

The office's deputy director, Marin Moses, says that some of the 15 villages that have been evacuated since the volcano started spewing smoke and ash last week, should not return.

Mr Moses says there are nearly 9-thousand people at the five care centres that have been established in West New Britain.

He says while Mt Pago has stabilised, it will pose a risk in the future.

Mr Moses says the villagers should be prepared for possible resettlement.

"The authority already told the people listen you need to relocate permanently.And that is something that the provincial government has to work on and identify the area where these displaced people are to relocate to. They cannot for ever continue to keep those people at the care centre.."

Marin Moses.