27 Aug 2002

Fiji party says the government is instituting apartheid with its policies

8:50 pm on 27 August 2002

The Fiji Democratic Party is accusing the government of instituting apartheid in the country with its affirmative action programme and racist comments.

The party's secretary general, Filipe Bole, says recent statements by government ministers and a prominent senator are divisive.

And, he says everybody who's poor and in need should be assisted by affirmative action, not just indigenous Fijians.

Mr Bole says Senator Tomasi Kanailagi should not have told people to live somewhere else if they're against the indigenous community.

"It's deplorable and those people who are talking like that in Parliament have been chosen by the Government to represent them in the Senate...I think it is deplorable it is terrible for a person who is the former President of the Methodist Church, who is still a minister, to be talking the way he did"

Mr Bole says the newly formed Democratic party will stand candidates in municipal elections in October and its aim is to bring communities together.