29 Aug 2002

Fiji senator calls local media satan's agents

5:06 pm on 29 August 2002

A Fiji government senator has described the country's media as satan's agents and forces.

Senator Miti-eli Bula-na-uca has told the Upper House those in the media are "mad people, crazy, loonies and stupid."

Senator Bulanauca says judging by what is printed and shown on TV, some of the journalists, editors, publishers and announcers are naive, amateurist and racist who need to be properly trained.

He says most of the time they highlight bad things about indigenous Fijians - violence, illicit sex, theft, inciting racial hatred - while the good things are relegated to the back pages.

Senator Bulanauca says the actions of the media show they are against development, unity and reconciliation.

He says the good news should be highlighted all the time because that is the work of Jesus Christ.

Earlier this week, another government senator and former president of the Methodist Church, the Reverend Tomasi Kanailagi, described the Fiji Times and Fiji One as forces of evil.

The cabinet minister, Adi Asenaca Caucau, has also been quoted as saying poverty is increasing in Fiji because of satanic forces.