30 Aug 2002

Government Senator unfit for leadership

4:04 pm on 30 August 2002

Fiji's political parties say government senator, Mitieli Bulanauca is unfit for leadership and have called for his removal from the Upper House.

It follows Senator Bulanauca's call for the abolition of the Diwali and Prophet Mohammed's birthday public holidays for religious minorites, claiming that indigenous Fijians are forced to bow to other gods in their own land.

The outgoing opposition leader, Prem Singh, says Senator Bulanauca's comments undermine the Senate and show that the man is a moral and religious bankrupt.

Mr Singh says if the prime minister really believes in multi racial harmony, he will do the right thing and remove Senator Bulanauca.

The leader of the New Labour Unity Party, Ofa Swann says such utterances are shocking and are a sad reflection on those who nominated him to the Senate.

Hindu and Muslim religious organisations have also condemned Senator Bulanauca, says this comments are a hindrance to post-coup reconciliation efforts.

One Hindu leader, Swani Maharaj, is quoted as saying Christmas and Easter are public holidays in many countries such as India where Christians are in a minority.