31 Aug 2002

New power plant in Marshall Islands commissioned - and closed down

9:52 am on 31 August 2002

A new diesel power plant on a remote atoll in the Marshall Islands has been commissioned and closed down.

The start-up of the new plant on Wotje atoll marks the first time electricity has been available there, save for small privately owned household generators and a few individual solar power units.

The new generator can supply 550 kilowatts of power to the atoll's 800 people, but most houses on the island are not wired for electricity, so the plant has no customers.

The company has installed underground cables to each house, business, school and church on the atoll and is now waiting for the owners to receive light fixtures and electrical supplies which are being shipped from the capital, Majuro.

The new two point two million dollar plant was funded by Taiwan.