4 Sep 2002

Solomon Islands face teachers' exam boycott

7:17 am on 4 September 2002

The deputy principal of a Solomon Islands school says it would be a national disaster if teachers go ahead with a threatened boycott.

The Teachers' Association or SINTA has given the government till today to pay four weeks of outstanding salaries otherwise its members will boycott all primary and secondary examinations.

Christopher Asipara of King George VI School in Honiara says not every teacher agrees with SINTA's methods.

Mr Asipara says a teacher boycott would cause a blockage in the Solomons education system, with students having to repeat a year.

"That blockade will cause many frustrated youths, they will be indirectly or directly reacting to the government's proposals or programmes by involving in crimes, by involving in activities that push the country where law and order are certainly out of hand."

Mr Asipara says he understands SINTA's urgency as all teachers are experiencing economic hardship.