5 Sep 2002

Solomon Islands sends in peace monitors after killings

11:21 am on 5 September 2002

The Solomon Islands Peace Monitoring Council has sent monitors in to the area where four children and an adult, were killed by militant groups.

Council chairman, Paul Tovua, says he's concerned there will be further violence unless action is taken to reconcile the different groups in the small town of Goro on the Guadalcanal plains.

Six others were injured in the attack which police say happened when a group was ambushed by another in an argument connected to land issues.

Mr Tovua says the problems are becoming worse because people are holding on to illegal weapons.

"A lot of these groups they claim that they're keeping their guns because they want to maintain security for their people but then they turn around and these are the very people that they making security for that they are killing, it's absurd."

Mr Tovua says an extra four monitors have been sent to the area where eight peace monitors are stationed and they will be attempting to make contact with the people involved.