6 Sep 2002

27 Vanuatu police due in court over mutiny

11:27 am on 6 September 2002

27 Vanuatu police are expected in court today for a remand hearing on mutiny and inciting mutiny charges.

The charges relate to the arrests early last month of 15 senior public officials on seditious conspiracy charges.

Those charges were struck out a fortnight ago with the judge calling the police action irregular.

Of the 27, seven were arrested a week ago with the others committing to appear in the court after a reconciliation organised by the council of chiefs.

The public prosecutor, Heather Leo Lini, says only 17 of that group of 20 have been served with a summons.

"The three that are not being served because they cannot be found and be served personally, personal service, but we believe they'll be in court and have been advised to be in court just to formalise the procedure."

Heather Leo Lini.