9 Sep 2002

CNMI government not worried about petition to remove governor from office

4:28 pm on 9 September 2002

The administration in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands says it is not concerned about a petition demanding the sacking of the US territory's governor.

Pam Browne, who is the legal counsel for Governor Juan Babauta, says the petition to remove him after nine months in office has very little merit and poses no threat.

The petition accuses Governor Babauta of negligence over his implementation of policies that negatively impact residents.

Miss Brown says no one has claimed responsibility for the petition which began circulating throughout Saipan over the weekend.

She says the petition is a poor attempt at political mudslinging.

"What we've been shown is a very poorly drafted, we call, petition which is allowed under our constitution after the governor has been in office for six months, making some very flamboyant allegations about expenditures and violations of law, misspelling his name. Until something serious is presented then at that time we can take a look at it."

Pam Brown in CNMI