11 Sep 2002

American Samoan senator moots new state within territory

4:28 pm on 11 September 2002

An American Samoa senator, Faiivae Galeai, says that legislation should be introduced to create an independent state of the Manu'a Islands group, within the territory.

Senator Faiivae made the call in the Senate over a joint resolution calling for the addition of two Manu'a Senators to the Upper Chambers of the American Samoa Legislature.

Senator Faiivae says he supports the resolution as it is an important political issue with tremendous benefits for Manu'a residents.

He also offered an alternative, which is the creation of an independent state of Manu'a within American Samoa, similar to the creation of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Senator Faiiave says then Manu'a could establish its own government, comprising of a Fono, governor and lieutenant governor.