12 Sep 2002

Marshall Islands company sues American Army

10:22 am on 12 September 2002

A Marshall Islands company is suing the United States Army for discrimination against it's Marshallese workers.

Jerry Kramer, owner of Pacific International Incorporated says the US Army and Army Corp of Engineers on Kwajalein Atoll had refused to accomodate his Marshallese employees.

He says this forced him to hire Americans and it interfered in his company's ability to fulfill a building contract on the army missile base.

Mr Kramer says he's been seeking compensation since 1997 but the army has been using dirty tactics to prevent a settlement and he wants his day in court.


We were threatened, cajoled, they offered up a system for an alternative dispute resolution and they wrote the terms and conditions of the facilitation and then they gave us excuses why they couldn't sign this for four years. It could get to a position where they accomplish what we feel they are trying to do and that is to totally discourage us financially so that we'll quit.

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Jack Kramer says that the court hearing will take place on October 22nd in the Marshall Islands High court.