12 Sep 2002

NZ Post subsidiary wins contracts in four Pacific countries

4:15 pm on 12 September 2002

A New Zealand Post subsidiary, Transend, has won contracts in four Pacific countries to provide services.

The acting managing director, John Allen, says it's renewed its management contract with Vanuatu Post for four years to continue supplying it with a chief executive officer.

He says a consultant has been appointed at Samoa Communications for postal operations, a deal has been reached to establish a mailhouse operation for Post Fiji and some short term contracts have been signed in Tonga.

Mr Allen says Transend views the Pacific region as very important.

"It's pivotal for us. NZ Post and Transend are Pacific businesses. We are based here, we are part of the Pacific, we have very very strong ties to our Pacific neighbours and what we're doing here is cementing these ties with effective business relationships."

Mr Allen says Transend is competing for other contracts in the region but declined to say what they were for.