16 Sep 2002

Cook Islands opposition against proposed Zimbabwe style media law

11:24 am on 16 September 2002

The Cook Islands opposition leader, Dr Terepai Maoate, says he is against proposed new media laws.

The chief advisor to the prime minister, Piho Rua, has said he wants to use a Zimbabwe-style media law to crack down on alleged inaccurate reporting.

Dr Maoate says he believes Cooks Islanders value transparent government and would not wish to see less information because of media restrictions.

He says the call has come from a government wanting to crack down on critical stories about it.

"It's more a government problem. They are concerned that a lot of the information has been leaking out and they don't like that. But the people, I tell you, are happy to hear that."

Dr Maoate says allegations of false reporting are not true.