17 Sep 2002

Coconut oil considered as potential replacement for diesel in Solomons

6:07 pm on 17 September 2002

Solomon Islands is to experiment with coconut oil instead of diesel fuel in its power generators.

The Solomon Islands Electricity Authority says it is now carrying out tests using coconut oil.

George Atkin in Honiara has more.

"The Authority's General Manager, Michael Nation says the experiment is being carried out at the Lata power station in the Te Motu Province. He says if the Lata experiment is successful, the Electricity Authority would use coconut oil on all its provincial power stations. Mr Nation adds it may also be possible that the power stations in Honiara will turn to coconut fuel. He says the authority decided to venture into the coconut fuel after the Te Motu Development Authority in Lata had suggested trying out coconut fuel, because the power station there has been experiencing continuous problems. Mr Nation says other major reasons for the experiement are; diesel fuel is becoming expensive, and inconsistent shipping schedules often delay fuel distributions to the provincial power stations."