18 Sep 2002

Solomons leader calls for UN help to remove guns from community

5:31 pm on 18 September 2002

Solomon Islands has called on the United Nations to help them get rid of the armed threat in the country.

Prime Minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, has told the UN General Assembly in New York that the continued presence of guns in the community poses a major threat to the country's peace, security and stability.

He says any hope of economic recovery is constantly threatened by lawlessness.

Sir Allen says the international community through the UN has a pivotal role to play in assisting the country to rid itself of armed threats.

He says the UN could take more ambitious actions to curb the arms culture in the Solomons.

Most aid donors have restricted their aid since the ethnic unrest, and say the lawlessness must be resolved before they will fully re-engage.

During his speech, Sir Allen also called on the UN to re-admit Taiwan to full and equal membership of the world body.

Taiwan is Solomon Islands biggest bilateral aid donor.