20 Sep 2002

Solomons MP says more disclosures likely after former militant implicates police in coup

3:49 pm on 20 September 2002

An opposition MP in Solomon Islands says there are more revelations to come after a claim some current top police had a key role in the lead up to the coup two years ago.

Jimmy Rasta, a former commander of the rebel militant group, the Malaitan Eagle Force, says the country's current Deputy Commissioner, Wilfred Akao, provided the MEF with two guns.

And he says Joseph Baetolingia, who is the current Director of the Police Field Force, drew up the plan for a raid on the Auki armoury.

Mr Akao has called the accusations totally false and an attempt to split the Force, but opposition MP Alfred Sasako says the revelations are just the tip of the iceberg.

He says Mr Rasta should be encouraged to speak out further and those accused by him should be stood aside from their positions.

"Not in a vindictive way but I think to help them to clear their names, and I think Rasta has provided an environment for what some of us have been calling for and that is a commission of enquiry into all these matters."

Alfred Sasako