21 Sep 2002

Solomons police reject idea of expatriate Commissioner

9:22 am on 21 September 2002

Senior police officers in Solomon Islands have rejected a government plan to appoint an expatriate Police Commissioner to restructure and improve the morale of the country's police force.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations, Wilfred Akao, says the senior executives have resolved that the force does not need an expatriate Commissioner because they believe an indigenous Solomon Islander can do the job.

Mr Akao says senior officers argue that expatriate Commissioners only come for a short time then leave again.

They want the contract of the current Commissioner, Morton Sireheti extended for another two years when it expires at the end of this year.

The government has already asked the British government to fund a new apointee.

The British government has agreed to the request and a new Commissioner is expected to take up the post by the end of the year.