23 Sep 2002

A further call for a formal investigation into Solomons ethnic unrest

3:26 pm on 23 September 2002

A Solomon Islands lawyer has added his voice to calls for a Commission of Inquiry into the ethnic unrest and the people behind it. .

Last week, Jimmy Rasta Lusiba'aea, a former leader of the rebel militant group, the Malaitan Eagle Force, said the current Deputy Commissioner, Wilfred Akao, and Assistant Commissioner, Joseph Baetolingia, had helped arm the MEF before the coup of June 2000.

Both officers have denied the claims.

Lawyer Gary Fa'aitoa says it is important the allegations are not brushed aside.

He says Government needs to act to restore confidence:

"there needs to be some kind of you know pressure put on the government by the people to perhaps seriously investigate the causes of the ethnic tension for the sake of the future of this country.."