24 Sep 2002

Fiji government MPs boycott swearing-in of new member

10:28 am on 24 September 2002

The government members of Fiji's parliament have boycotted the swearing-in ceremony for Fiji Labour Party member, Krishna Prasad.

The government MPs want Mr Prasad to resign and have a by-election for the Nadi open seat which he won after it was vacated by the opposition leader, Prem Singh.

From Suva, Rita Narayan reports.

"A government statement says their members didn't want to be part of a ceremony that gave legitimacy to what is wrong in law. They maintain Prem Singh was wrongfully deprived of his seat and Krishna Prasad had no legal or moral right to be in parliament. Last month, Mr Singh forfeited the purpose of being leader of the opposition when he lost an appeal in Fiji's supreme court. The two opposition members didn't support the boycott, however they agree with the government members that the ruling highlights flaws in the Fiji constitution that urgently need to be amended. Mr Prasad said he was clearly surprised by the boycott but he says nothing will deter him from serving his constitutes."