25 Sep 2002

Five Tongans land in Fiji after drifting for 10 days

10:53 am on 25 September 2002

Five Tongans are recovering in Fiji's capital Suva after drifting at sea for ten days.

The farmers aged between 20 and 40 drifted to Cikobia (pron thikombia) island in Fiji's Lau group, about five hundred kilometres from Tonga.

The men were returning home from their plantation when their boat developed engine problems.

One of the men, Sione Taufo'ou says they ran out of fuel and food after three days.

The men drank seawater until the 9th day when they were able to collect rainwater.

Fiji's police public relations officer, Unaisi Vuniwaqa says arrangements are being made to return the men to Tonga.