30 Sep 2002

Indonesian security source says OPM not resonsible for Papua ambush

10:25 am on 30 September 2002

An Indonesian security source says investigations into the killing of two American school teachers and an Indonesian last month in the Freeport area indicate that Papuan rebels were not behind the ambush

The source, who refused to be identified said the probe indicated OPM had not pulled off the ambush, partly because of the amount of ammunition used.

Experts on Papua say the rebels are generally poorly armed.

The source says Indonesian police have questioned 19 soldiers as witnesses in the investigation

The only other witness is an indigenous Papuan who police said once worked as a guide for the Kopassus special forces and who claimed he knew who carried out the attack.

Papua deputy police chief Rajiman Tarigan says the civilian witness, who was not under police protection, was in the general area at the time of the shooting

Asked if that witness said he knew who did it, Tarigan said: "Yes, that was his information."

However he declined to give any further details of the witness' evidence