1 Oct 2002

Vanuatu police officers in court today for trial date on illegal arrest charges

10:52 am on 1 October 2002

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26 Vanuatu police facing trial on 21 charges including mutiny, are due in court today for the setting or a trial date.

The police, who include the former acting commissioner, Holi Simon, and the former head of the police paramilitary wing, the Vanautu Mobile Force, Api Jack Marikembo, were found to have a case to answer in a Magistrate's hearing ten days ago.

The charges relate to the arrests of 15 public officials, including the Attorney General, over the appointment of a new police commissioner.

Those arrests have since been deemed irregular by the Magistrates Court and struck out.

The trial is not expected before February or March next year with expectations that an Australian lawyer will be brought in to act as public prosecutor.