4 Oct 2002

Diplomat says New Zealand police will be very welcome in Solomons

4:15 pm on 4 October 2002

A New Zealand diplomat says Solomon Islanders are looking forward very much to the arrival of a team of New Zealand police later this month.

Gordon Shroff, the co-leader of a joint New Zealand/Australian mission to the Solomons to says they were pleasantly surprised to find that the law and order situation had improved.

But he says there is still much to do with a continuing threat from people with links to the former militant movement and who have access to automatic weapons.

Mr Shroff says the people and organisations they met are generally happy with the work the New Zealand police team will undertake.

"we think they are going to be pitched at just the right level...they are going to be supporting the CID enquiries and they are going to be operating at the local stations with the local sergeants and so forth at the community level to guide and mentor the local police to make sure the follow the right procedures and respond to incidents and so forth and everybody is pretty happy about that line of approach"