7 Oct 2002

Australian military to fly medical supplies to Solomons

4:43 pm on 7 October 2002

The Australian airforce will deliver urgently needed medical supplies to Solomon Islands later this week.

This comes amid a health care crisis which has prompted the health minister to seek new ways to retain doctors.

George Atkin reports.

"The drugs and medicines are being supplied under Ausaid, the Australian International Aid Agency, which has come to rescue a precarious situation in Solomon Islands where hospitals and health clinics are experiencing an acute shortage of drugs and medicine. Health Minister Benjamin Una says now that teachers claims and wages are almost normalized he will be telling the government to now concentrate on resolving problems facing the health sector as well as its workers claims and wages. He says he's grateful to the Australian government for airlifting one million dollars worth of medical supplies to Honiara. Meanwhile Mr Una says he will be putting a paper to cabinet which would require all returning medical students studying abroad to serve the government for five years before they can be allowed to leave their jobs for greener fields"