10 Oct 2002

Kiribati parliament debates budget

5:21 pm on 10 October 2002

Politicians in Kiribati are today debating the government's supplementary budget.

This is the second time that the Government has presented its 11 million US dollar budget in parliament.

Opposition MP, Tabe-an-nang Timeon, says there are aspects within the 6-month budget which need to be reviewed.

Mr Timeon says social services in the outer islands are missing out because of funds being allocated to development projects such as improving government houses.

He says there is concern over the government using budget funds to improve its chances of winning next month's general elections.

"Some of the items in it are of course very clearly government campaign money for the president, he wants a third term ... but uh I see the life of the people not improving because the cost of living, it's going up, and the earning income opportunities for people in the outer islands are very small or neglible, therefore the people are suffering."

Tabeannang Timeon.