10 Oct 2002

Fiji Labour Party says taxpayers can take government to court over abuse of funds

5:05 pm on 10 October 2002

The Fiji Labour Party says taxpayers can take legal action against the government if it fails to stop the abuse of public funds as highlighted in the auditor general's report.

The FLP's spokesman for finance, Dr Ganesh Chand says an individual or a group of taxpayers or NGOs could file a court writ to press the finance ministry to end the abuse of public funds.

The auditor general reported that the abuse through fraud, waste and mismanagement is rampant in almost all government ministries, including the ministry of finance.

Dr Chand says the government lacks the will to stop the abuse of public funds and it is unlikely that recommendations by the auditor general to rectify the problem will be implemented.

He says the only option would be taxpayers taking the government to court over the issue which would be an unprecedented move.

"The other option is for a member of parliament to take up this issue through a motion, but there is no chance of a motion to pass .... the only other option is for individuals to seek the assistance of the court to get their recommendation implemented, that is another option that could be explored."

Dr Ganesh Chand of the Fiji Labour Party

Meanwhile the Assistant minister in the Prime Minister's Office, Simione Kaitani says people should stop overexploiting people's emotions over the revelations in the auditor general's report.