11 Oct 2002

Call for government action over mismanagement and fraud in public offices

4:15 pm on 11 October 2002

The Citizen's Constitutional Forum has called on Fiji's prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, to keep his promise and take action against the mismanagement of public funds, abuse of public office and corruption in the civil service and his cabinet.

The daily Post says the CCF has also called on the parliamentary public accounts committee to use its powers and summon civil servants and ministers responsible for abuses reported by the auditor general to appear before the committee and answer charges.

CCF spokesperson, Jone Dakuvula, says such hearings should be open to the public.

The call follows the release of the auditor general's report which details abuse of public funds through fraud, waste and mismanagement.

Mr Dakuvula says the auditor general has done his job and the onus is now on the prime minister to take action.

Meanwhile, it's been revealed that parliament's public accounts committee, which is supposed to investigate abuse of public funds, has not met since it was set up early this year.

This is because the Labour Party is challenging the appointment of its chair, Ofa Swann.