15 Oct 2002

Call for national conference in Solomons to replace TPA

11:53 am on 15 October 2002

A Solomon Islands academic says a national conference should be called to discuss what should replace the Townsville Peace Agreement.

The TPA brought a formal end to hostilities in October of 2000, but it has failed in its primary aim of disarming militants.

The measure completes its two year mandate today.

Tarcissius Tara, who had been an advisor to the Isatabu Freedom Movement but now teaches at the University of the South Pacific says what is needed is a national conference involving all sectors of society to debate what to do next.

"and then we can sit down and not necessarily throw away the TPA but look at how we can improve on it, how we can help to facilitate peace, so it's a national conference that's aimed at improving on the TPA and if there are parts of the TPA that we need to change then we look at how we work on that"

Tarcissius Tara.